New Linneman White Paper On Recovery From The Recession Now Available

Robust Growth Will Follow Economic Recovery’s Slow Start, Says NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman


The Great Recession has officially ended and recovery will be far more robust than anyone can imagine, according to a new white paper from NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman. The paper examines the economic recovery and Dr. Linneman provides insight into the leading indicators that the market is stabilizing and investment activity is on the rise.

“Although the news continues to focus on the negative, the economy has bottomed and is on the road to recovery,” said Dr. Linneman. “Historically, the U.S. economy has rebounded in ways that were unimaginable at the time and usually within two years of a recession.”

Is This a Recovery?, NAI Global’s white paper, offers proof that the recession has come to an end and that recovery, however slow, is under way. Dr. Linneman discusses in depth the country’s current economic status, and provides historical evidence from past recessions to support his prediction of a robust recovery by 2012.

You can download the white paper here, or visit, select Publications, then Research Articles & White Papers to see the full archive.

Credit: NAI Global

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