NAI Global Hosts Corporate Solutions Strategy

NAI Global, headquartered in Princeton, NJ held a national corporate real estate solutions symposium designed to evaluate NAI’s worldwide corporate services strategy. Working to develop NAI’s Global commitment to a seamless platform of corporate real estate consulting and advisory. A group of 40 NAI professionals from around the country and Europe spent three days evaluating, planning and developing the NAI Global Corporate Services Strategies for the next five years.

Laurel Lewis of NAI Horizon, Phoenix, Arizona was part of this hand picked group of real estate professionals. Lewis reported, “The strategy meeting was attended by top corporate real estate consultants from around the NAI system and provided a terrific opportunity for those involved in providing corporate solutions to help mold the Global platform and shape future strategies.” Lewis recently joined NAI Horizon and will be part of NAI Horizon’s Corporate Solutions Team.

With 18 years of experience in office leasing and sales this new corporate solutions role fits well with Laurel’s experience and her professional business strategy going forward.

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