When it comes to navigating investments, steering towards the best real estate professional can take you down the right road

By Don Morrow

Remember when getting from point A to point B involved reading a road map or asking for directions? How times have changed.

Maneuvering the world of real estate can also lead to a road fraught with and obstacles and detours. You need a professional who can act as a sort of GPS, re-route you, and keep you moving towards your investment destination.

My advice is simple: Take control of your journey towards the realization of your future real estate vision. You may already have a clear destination in mind, and if not, I have some ideas I’d like to share with you in order to help formulate a clear vison and a route to reach your destination.

I would like to help you see the road ahead by providing you relevant and timely market information along with insights I have gleaned from many years of experience. Early on in my career as an investment broker, I was committed to negotiating and then closing office and industrial deals that were in the best interest of my clients.

In our current economic climate, you need the right professional to help you craft the best solutions based upon specific detailed market intelligence and advice. That professional is me, and those specific specialties are what I provide clients, honed by my many years of experience.

People often sell because of unexpected life events such as divorce, health partnership issues, or financial pressures. My goal is to help you control your journey to reach your real estate vision and not be subject to uncontrollable external pressures.

You could have several goals that could include:

  • Selling your building at its appreciated value and trading into a larger property;
  • Re-financing and investing the proceeds in a second property;
  • Move to an asset class that requires less active management-single tenant net lease;
  • Change to a property type that has a higher rate of return;
  • Move up to a higher-priced property and out of the large pool of small buyers, but low enough in price to be below the institutional investors.

I’ve been down these roads many times during my 30 years in the commercial real estate brokerage industry. I can steer you and your investment decisions in the right direction.

Don Morrow is a Senior Vice President in the Investment Sales Division at NAI Horizon. Don concentrates on office, industrial, and net leased investment sales. His ownership experience of a real estate development and investment firm and familiarity with structured finance provide valuable insights into the perspective of his clients. Reach Don at [email protected]